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I carried it discreetly to my private hideaway, where secrets ignite. Yes, I know, I'm no saint. But this camera is crafted to seize those cherished moments, isn't it? Setting it up meticulously, I pressed record, eager to capture every tender embrace. Now I could revisit our forbidden rendezvous whenever I pleased, like my own private memoir. It was risky, it was thrilling, but oh, it was enthralling.

I discovered the ideal vantage point, peering into my neighbor's backyard with their inviting hot tub. Feeling like a stealthy observer, I positioned the camera to capture the unseen. Oh, the sights I witnessed! Unaware of my presence, they indulged in late-night hot tub escapades—hilarious synchronized dances and amusing wardrobe mishaps. It was a riotous spectacle! Who needs reality TV when you have your own exclusive voyeur show?

Want to discreetly "appreciate" someone else's privacy?

Unlock the secrets hidden in the shadows and delve into the world of clandestine revelations. Embrace your curiosity and witness the authentic essence of life beyond the surface. Are you a daring adventurer seeking the adrenaline rush of forbidden encounters? Join us on a thrilling journey of uncharted territories.

Your Secret Weapon of Espionage

No-light night vision: Experience unparalleled visibility even in complete darkness.


Motion detection alarm push: Equipped with a highly sensitive motion sensor, this camera detects any movement within its range and promptly sends notifications to your connected devices.

Easy installation without punching holes: Simply find the perfect spot, place the camera discreetly, and start monitoring in no time.

1080P HD screen and 140-degree wide angle lens: The camera boasts a high-definition 1080P screen, delivering crystal-clear imagery with exceptional clarity and detail. Its wide-angle lens provides a broad 140-degree field of view, capturing a wider perspective and allowing you to monitor a larger area with precision.

Built-in pickup for clear sound: Don't just see, but hear every detail. Enjoy recordings with crisp and noise-free audio, adding an additional layer of information and immersion to your surveillance.


Convenient recording with memory card support: Even without WiFi access, simply insert a memory card into the camera's USB universal interface, and you can start recording directly.


Up to 128GB memory support for extended recording: The camera supports memory cards up to 128GB, allowing you to record continuously for up to 30 days.


Unleash Your Surveillance Power


WIFI Remotely Monitoring-Youcan check the live streaming video from anywhere in the world once you connect the camera in Remote/IP mode.

Let's hear it for the world-famous detective.More exciting moments



  • Model: X5
  • Camera angle: 140 degree
  • TF card: 8GB-128GB (TF card file system FAT32)
  • Video format: MP4
  • Real-time resolution: 1920x1080P
  • Storage resolution: 1280x720P
  • Playback software: system built-in player or mainstream video player
  • Mobile operating system: Android/ios
  • Voltage: 5V/2A
  • Power supply mode: power bank power supply, socket power supply
  • Other auxiliary functions: motion detection, background alarm, loop recording, video playback, timing recording, alarm recording, light-off work
  • Standby time: 2 months


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